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Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General & Founder

About the IMC

IAED.COM is a consolidation of Gell Associates & Co., Inc. (1960) and Gell International Group’s (1970) 60 years experience and with overlapping 28 years inside the United Nations experience 1990 to present, focused on consulting and problem solving for top executives and world leaders.


The IAED Management Centre (IMC) conducts briefings, seminars and conferences for top level executives (businesses and countries) around the world. Areas of expertise and unique insights include but are not limited to:

▶︎ “Controlling Your Business” Series of Seminars

▶︎ The Business of Management and “Keys” to Success (The “Rules” of Success in Business)

▶︎ Global Sales & Marketing Strategy

▶︎ Strategic Thinking: Problem Solving & Decision Making for Your Business and Global Business Challenges

▶︎ Geopolitical Strategy of the 193 United Nations Country Member States

▶︎ GeoStrategic Strategy; Future Threats to Global Business and Contingency Thinking

▶︎ Insights into the United Nations: How it Impacts Your Business in the Your Country and Globally

▶︎ Understanding the United Nations and How it Really Works

▶︎ Behind the News Broadcasts (all behavior is caused), International Events, Insights & Analysis

▶︎ Leaders of the World: What They Think and What They are Doing

▶︎ “INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues” UNTV 20 years broadcasting of weekly 1 hour untv interviews of ambassadors, heads of state, heads of government, country presidents and foreign ministers.

▶︎ What the World Likes and Dislikes about the USA

…Dr. Larry T. Gell is the highest rated Speaker at the AMA American Management Associations.

AMA's Internal Speaker Evaluation Auditing Committee

Chairman's Office, AMA American Management Association

IMC Services

Focused on providing consulting, problem solving, and briefings to top executive management including top government officials, foreign and domestic chairmen of their boards, presidents, CEOs, COOs, senior VPs and line and general managers, foreign heads of states, heads of governments, ministers, and ambassadors


▶︎ Organization structure and dynamic change adaptation

▶︎ Strategic planning and strategy implementation

▶︎ Solving executive management, sales, and marketing problems in domestic and international markets worldwide

▶︎ Training and development of management, sales and marketing executives

▶︎ Motivation and team building for executives and sales teams

▶︎ Presentation of Dr. Gell’s Famous Rules of Business and Success!

▶︎ Speaker at annual executive management and sales meetings

▶︎ Global sales & marketing strategy

▶︎ Executive management briefings

▶︎ Training on your site

▶︎ An engaging keynote and guest speaker

We are in the ‘Age of Discontinuity’ and rapid global competition. Your ability to anticipate, and respond quickly to local and global threats is of absolute critical essence.

Dr. Larry T. Gell

Director General & Founder, IAED Management Centre



For C-Suite Personnel, Presidents, and VP’s of Marketing & Sales only


▶︎ Developed a 2-week “Senior-Executive Marketing Management” course for the AMA American Management Association and the CMC Canadian Management Centre and taught it for thirteen and one half years. Targeted at chairmen and other c-suite personnel, presidents and senior-level (VP) executives, it continually received the highest ratings possible from the attendees and AMA’s Outside Corporate Evaluation Committee, including the Chairman’s Office Evaluation, and it remains to this day, the longest “highest rated” course of the AMA/CMC. This course was discontinued in 1984 by Dr. Gell and it has never been able to be duplicated by the AMA.

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught many international business courses for Executives for the AMA and CMC. Trained thousands of their attendees to these programs. Dr. Gell has lectured at senior corporate annual meetings held around the world. He has conducted training and management development programs in most countries of the world.

▶︎ Appeared as a keynote or guest speaker at hundreds of management and sales meetings across the USA and worldwide

▶︎ Created and formed the first Business Computer Programming School in America (1961) out of frustration with the universities; After receiving letters (to his requests to set up computer programming schools at their universities) from famous Graduate Business Schools saying…“We do not believe the business computer is practical or a viable business tool.”

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught the first course in America on “Doing Business with China” in 1977.

▶︎ Developed new marketing and sales strategies, management, sales training and actual field implementation of tactical sales plans for RCA Computers to beat IBM in their main computer markets in the late 60’s. As a result, after only one year (1970), RCA Computers actually out-sold IBM,  took key accounts (Texaco and many others) away from IBM, and was recognized by the world’s media including Fortune, BusinessWeek as well as many international publications

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught the first course in America on “Doing Business with Vietnam” in 1977.

▶︎ Strategized and implemented the plan that greatly expanded Dr. Pepper’s market outside Texas in the 60’s while they were actively being blocked by their arch enemy, Coca-Cola

▶︎ Three years latter figured out how to get Coke’s market share back for them. Nielson Reports reported Pepsi – #1, Coke – #2, and Dr. Pepper – #3

▶︎ Established a large and successful consulting and management practice in Hong Kong and throughout Asia

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught courses for AIG’s top executive management and sales force in Asia. Consulted to their Senior Management in all of Asia (Japan to Australia), Iran and France (Paris)

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught some of the first courses on “Executive Marketing & Sales: Doing Business in the New EC92” for Senior Executives in Europe in early 1980’s

▶︎ Consulted to, and developed highly effective sales and management courses for 3M in Asia and South America, and envisioned and established the first “University of Salesology” for 3M Hong Kong in 1971.

▶︎ Consulted to Armand Hammer, Occidental Petroleum in Asia, Middle East and Russia.

▶︎ Key in the development of RE/MAX Top Executive Management and Sales Force from start-up through the 90s.

▶︎ Turned around one of the world’s largest “just-in-time” auto manufacturing companies trying to penetrate the European Markets.

▶︎ Created, developed, and taught the first course in America on “Doing Business within Russia and the Newly Independent Countries of the Former USSR” in 1989.

▶︎ Successfully performed hundreds of turnaround and problem solving assignments in the USA and worldwide for major corporations in such diverse industries as banking, aerospace, finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, services, and others.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

André Paul Guillaume Gide

French author and 1947 Nobel Prize winner in Literature

Selected Client List

A consultant is known by the companies he keeps…

3M, Abbott Labs, Accurex, Allied Chemical, Allied Van Lines, AMA, Apple, Applied Materials, AT&T, ATF-Davidson, Atlas Van Lines, Bache & Co., Belzona, Bendix, Borg Warner, Boston University, Bryan Foods, Canadian Management Centre, Caterpillar, Century 21, Chase, Cigna, Coca Cola, Columbia University – Lamont Doherty Earth Science Labs, Computer Programming Institute, Continental Telephone Company, Crane, Critikon, Croon & Black, Curwood, Dean Foods, Digital Equipment, Dr. Pepper, Dresser Industries, Dupont, Dyrotech, Employee Relocation Council, Ethyl Corp., Far East Asia Limited, Ford, Foremark, Frank B. Hall, GE, GTE, Harley-Davidson, Harris Corporation, Hartford Insurance., Honeywell, Hong Kong Management Center, IBM, ITT-Globe Communications, J&J, Kinkos, Kodak, Kroger, Lear Seating, Lear Siegler, Learning Annex, Lightolier, LSI, Lunn Industries, Memorex, Met Life, Microsoft, Moore Systems, Motorola, Nobel Industries, Nobel Pharma, Norfield, NY Tel., OminiAdast, Omni Trade Industrial, P&G, Pacific Tel., Pacific Telephone, Pannill, PCS-Canada, Petroleum Landman Assoc., Pharmacia, Plumrose, Public Service of Indiana, Puerto Rican Management Association, RCA, RE/MAX, Rockwell, Scanticon, Security Pacific Corp., Shell Oil, Sierracin, Strategic Air Comand-USAF, Teledyne, Tem Tex, Texas Instruments, Textron, TRW, UMC Corp, Uni-Dynamics, University of Pittsburgh, Verex, Westvaco, Wheat First Securities, WR Grace, Xerox, and many more…

The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.

Faye Wattleton

Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

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